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Artist Statement

“Painting is a window into my soul. As I begin each work, the brush strokes, colors, shapes and formations are openings into my thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, and insights into the feelings in my heart. I see the universe as a powerful, vivid place of continual transformation and my works attempt to capture glimpses of it. When viewers discover a connection to my art, my efforts are validated.” ~ Rosana Azar

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Rosana Azar studied art with well-known Argentinian artists. While living there she had a successful career, exhibiting widely around the country.

Azar moved to Washington, DC in 1990 and since has established herself with showings in Art Miami, the Inter-American Bank, Washington National Cathedral, the Argentinian Embassy, Strathmore Hall and a variety of private galleries. Her work has been exhibited internationally in Japan, France, Romania, and Germany among others. Azar’s paintings can be found in private collections on three continents. Azar founded a non-profit organization that spreads her love of creativity and art to children and communities both domestically and abroad.

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